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Fall back in love with your hair _Eleo

The name Eleo is inspired by the Greek word for oil (έλαιο). The Eleo hair care range is infused with Argan and Rose oils, Burdock and vitamins that restore strong, beautiful hair from the inside out.
ELEO’s infusion of precious Argan and Rose oils, Burdock and Vitamin F nourishes and replenishes your hair. By rebuilding from the inside out, ELEO strengthens and protects while smoothing and restoring hair’s natural, radiant shine. Fall in love with the fragrant, silky caress of supple hair. This is the beginning of a beautiful romance.

The Eleo shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and treatment oils can be used to replenish moisture and boost vitality, while smoothing the surface for dramatically improved manageability, shine and radiance.

ELEO’s naturally rich oils have a lightweight, non-greasy texture. Just a few precious drops smoothed into dry or wet hair begins to restore hair’s natural suppleness, gloss and shine— for more beautiful hair day aft


eleo PROTECTING OIL Luxurious, aromatic inishing oil saturated with natural Argan and Rose Oils, Burdock and Vitamin F. Lighter, non-greasy formula nurtures greatly to recover and invigorate from the inside, and smoothe the outside, for flexible, sleek, healthy-looking hair. For all hair types. Ideal for colour-treated hair. 50ml Luxurious natural Argan and Rose oils, Burdock and Vitamin F immediately impart a wonderful, fragrant, supple glossiness you’ll adore. And while you’re.
shining on the outside, eleo oils are working hard on the inside to make hair much healthier and more beautiful day after day.