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Eclat Femme Weekend Christmas Set

Eclat Weekend is inspired by a weekend spent at the French Riviera, its picturesque coast and relaxing atmosphere.

“The sense of freedom … the wind in your hair, the sun’s rays on your skin … Experience the feeling of freedom with Eclat Weekend Eau de Toilette.”

The perfumer behind this creation, Nathalie Lorson, wanted to evoke a perfect holiday with a fragrance that is spontaneous and natural, elegant and delicate. The composition opens with notes of juicy pear, red currant and bergamot, which overflow into a refined bouquet of frangipani, lotus, bush rose and bamboo leaf. Velvety white peach, cedar and musk notes are in the finish trail.

The distinctive design of Eclat bottle is updated with gentle pastel shades, “feminine, fresh and modern. ” Oriflame Eclat Weekend is available as 50 ml Eau de Toilette, limited edition. Eclat Weekend was launched in 2011.

Do you look you age? – YouTube

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought, “Wow, I look old today”? You’re not alone. Research suggests that four out of five women do not look their actual age. But what facial features make you look older than you actually are? We sit down with Eve Mereville, one of the researchers behind Oriflame’s AGE REFLECT study to find out what age really looks like.