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You Deserve Supple Heels Free From Cracks


Some of you may remember one of my previous writings on a very similar subject, where I was writing about the general importance of keeping our feet proper nourished in order to maintain them healthy. Then, we have agreed that we need to equally taking care of our feet as well as of the rest of our body.

Mainly because, our feet absorb the heavy impact of our full body weight with a single step, providing for us necessity dose of the balance and upright holding, in this whole process. The problems, which can afflict them are so numerous, and ranges from the most common ones (such as: really unpleasant foot odor, various corns, dull, dry and lifelessly cracked skin, ingrown toenails…), to the very serious ones (like: the various fungal infections and heavy damages; also truly serious fractures of some bones). The very best chances to prevent these consequences is to simple regimen of daily care, which will help our feet to be (and to stay) healthy and will help for the skin, bones of your feet heal and to become functional again.

The causes of a dry skin lie in disturbed natural balance of moisture and skin oil, which can be (and pretty often is) due to the vast number of the most various factors. Some of those factors are: very long standing on the hard floor, very dry, dull and lifeless skin, in which pretty lacks moisture (especially during cold winter days) has the strong tendency to develop cracks, wearing the improper sized and uncomfortable shoes (such as high heels). Obesity or excess accumulation of fat and also a slightly higher level of deficiency of various important essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals, aging your body skin (in general) and also its conditions which can lead to some, a bit serious diseases, like psoriasis, eczema, athlete’s foot, and even the overexposure of our feet to dust, dirt, germs and other harmful organisms can lead to the infection of our feet and many, many more.


Our cells need to have, the exact amount of water inside it, in order to stay properly plumped up and with sufficient level of oils. With cracked skin on your feet may help cocktails of the certain vitamins (before using them on your own hand, we strongly advise you to consult with your skin doctor).


Women, unfortunately, are much more often meeting with this problem. The vast majority of us, pretty often are being affected and suffer from the various skin problems related to our heel (assuming that the major role here plays that we are very passionate and picky when comes to choosing of the proper footwear. We are having the much better taste :-))


Oriflame has been thinking about all these problems, which are affecting the most people around the globe, and created a new line of foot care, which is presenting a true necessity in these upcoming hot, sunny summer days. By regularly using our company’s marvelous product called: “Feet Up Advanced Cracked Heel Repaired Cream”, you can cut down to the very minimum your cracked heel problems. This cream is allergy tested, doesn’t contain the parabens, sulfates, peptides or any of the GMO ingredients (not even in trace amounts). Made from 100% natural ingredients, Eco friendly and not sticky formula. Your feet leave strengthened, without any cracked skin (especially on the heels), empowered and radiant and, of course, ready for showing off in your new, trendy and highly fashionable summer shoes :-). And, if you order now, you can save up to 60% of the regular price!Finally, you don’t have to hesitate to show off your feet! Feel free and see it for yourself!

Proteins are Not Just for Body Builders

Natural Balance Bars Oriflame

Whenever you mention the term “protein, protein shake, chicken meat, eggs” and similar, people tend to associate them with people who work out exclusively. But, they can’t be more wrong. Those products are not food just for body builders, every can and should consume them. Every single human being needs protein, as they are one of vital supplements in our diet.


Roles of Proteins in the Body

Protein means “first, most important” (origin from Greek word). That is why, everyone, no matter if they active with sports or workout need to consume proteins. They are vital and irreplaceable part of our diet, and for our survival and function of the body. Proteins are the building power of skin, muscles, hair, hormones, bones, brain cells and much more. Proteins help you lose fat and build muscle, accelerate metabolism and renew cells.

Now if you are physically active, you need to consume even more proteins so muscles can regenerate and build faster. Physical stress, workout and pain will tire your body (and soul as well). You will need energy to get back to normal, and the only source of it is proteins.

Oriflame’s Protein Bars: A Quick Snack

Now we all know chicken, beef, eggs, fish, milk and dairy products are rich with proteins. But those are all main meals. When you need quick, fast intake of protein, best option is protein snack. And this is where Oriflame excels. Their Natural Balance Bars are your quick access to protein. They contain all natural products which will help you get through your workout, or your run, or any other activity that requires extra energy.


Oriflame’s Natural Balance Bars come in two variations. First, one is made from pomegranate, acai and blueberry, and it is known for its antioxidants and health-boosting properties. The second, Chunky Chocolate contains cocoa, barley and oat flakes and it is used for energize and digestive benefits. Each pack contains 7 bars.


How Much Protein We Need Every day?

How much protein you should take? This is a very common question, and it depends on several factors. For healthy weight people, who don’t exercise often and don’t lift weights, the recommended dose is 0.8-1.3 grams per kg. This estimates to 56-91 grams per day for the average male, and 46-75 grams per day for the average female.


Now, if you are trying to lose weight, values change. It is still important and crucial to consume protein, as the fewer calories you consume, the more should come from protein. You will need to increase your protein take for about 10-15%. Protein also helps you reduce appetite which leads to fewer calories intake which eventually leads to weight loss. When you want to gain muscles, your protein intake should increase even more. Fitness experts recommend 2.2 grams of protein per kg (of your weight).

Now we already mentioned that Oriflame has fancy solution for your protein intake. And you should be happy to implement it in your diet, since Oriflame products are all 100% natural including their Natural Balance Bars. Oriflame has been recognized as one of the top cosmetic supplying companies in the world for the past 40 years. But, you might say that their food supplements and nutrition products are underestimated.

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How Important Really is to Protect Your Skin from the Sun

Oriflame Sun Block With Aloe

I guess that we are all really exciting, because the hotter season of the year-the summer, is really fast approaching. That, usually, means spending more time outdoors in the sun. No matter which season is, the important thing is that we must protect our skin from the harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation rays that is found in sunlight. Exposure to UV radiation is proved to be the number one cause of skin cancer, which is the most common type of cancer, which has been diagnosed in the United Kindom and the rest of the world, also. So, please, be very careful when it comes to the sun exposure. Maybe, it can (and will) sound so trivial, but the neglect a thing like this, can (and will) cost you your life (believe me (or not, it’s all up to you), I am presenting here the bare truth!).

Please, read the following lines, it’s all should be clear to you…

Although, the most of skin cancers can be prevented or successfully treated if they are found early, maybe you are all familiar with the great folk saying: ‘It’s better to prevent, than cure’! Believe me, I know how hard it is, in this crazy and modern world, in which are ‘ruling’ tanning beds and the bronze celebrity goddesses, to stay normal (whatever it means) and to stand firmly on the ground. In this awkward world, in which there isn’t the value to protect your skin, especially if your natural skin tone is undeniably pale. But, the skin protection is here what really counts here, no matter how old you are or how dark your skin naturally is, to protect your skin is, nowadays, the crucial matter!

Taking my chances to be really boring (as most of our mama :-)), here is the list of the extremely uninteresting, but also very instructive facts, which are obtained by scientists in the last few years:

  • There are two types of UV radiation!

The ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB). The UVB radiation causes sunburn and plays a crucial role when it comes to the development of basal and squamous cell skin cancers (as well as the melanoma). This dangerous radiation penetrates into the skin more deeply and leads to premature aging of the skin and can cause the wrinkles. Doctors are suspecting that the UVA also plays a major role in the development of skin cancer, but there are no real proofs yet.

  • People, who are living in areas with bright sunlight year, have a higher risk of developing skin cancer;

And so the ones, who is spending a lot of time outside during the midday hours or in tanning beds (which emits mostly UVA radiation- that is scientifically proven, don’t let be fooled by the marketing or/and the ’stupid’ so called, ’trends’. Only trend these days is to be (and stay) HEALTHY!!!).

It is proven (also) that people with fair skin, which has less pigment called melanin, have, naturally, fewer chances to protect themselves against UV radiation. As s result of that fact, people with light hair and light-colored eyes, who have skin that tans poorly or even the cute freckles, or people who burn easily, are more likely to develop skin cancer (so, girls like me, watch out!!!).

  • An overexposure to sunlight will surely result in painful, red, sunburned skin;

Overexposure in long terms can cause a deep wrinkles, freckles (not the cute ones), ugly (before time) age spots, various changes in the skin texture which make the skin look older, various types of a skin cancer… (I strongly believe that you, have finally realized, how important is to protect your skin in order to reduce all these bad effects and to ensure to your skin longer to be healthy and young! )

  • And the last, but not the least important thing here- Healthy habits are best learned young!

Please, do accustom your kids to protect themselves by regularly applying their sun creams and learn them how to behave properly when comes to the sun exposure.

Don’t get me wrong, my intentions weren’t to scare you or to persuade you not to come out in the hot summer days. Please, do come out, but protect yourself (and your kids) by a properly sunscreen. Our company has developed a sun care line, consisting of a variety of factor creams intended for all skin types, including also the sun cream with a high protection, especially designed factor for children. One innovation, on which we are so proud, is the bracelet, which main function is to monitoring the intensity of UV light wherever you are. That can (and is) so useful these days!

This collection is intended to protect your own health, that present one of our company primarily goals! why not check out our range of Oriflame Sun care


The Beauty Imperative- Wellness


If you have the chance so far to ask someone, is it important to be and remain fit and healthy, I can guarantee that he/she had answered:’’ Yes, of course, ’’, but at your additional question: ’’Why?’’, many of us have received a pause instead of the answer. And that’s totally understandable. It is important for the people to understand why this action is so important, in order get a motivation to perform that specific action and to be and to stay healthy and fit. Because this guarantee to you that you can and will have a healthy and long life.

Although, it might sound trivial, the health is our the greatest wealth and only the body has this really unique and the powerful ability to heal itself, and that fact presents one of our greatest assets. Our organism is designed to work as a whole unit in order to achieve the optimum health level. That includes not just our physical system, but also and our energetic systems. The well known energetic systems are (besidesphysical), includes also: emotional, mental and spiritual.

The latest scientific results are saying to us that someone, who is physically active for, at least, seven hours per 7 days a week, has the 40 percent less chances to die early, than those someone who’s active for less than 30 minutes. By regularly exercising and by remaining fit, we could minimize the various types of (so called) ‘’modern’’ diseases like: the stroke, various heart diseases, high blood pressure, even the diabetes type 2!

It’s really great to stay fit, not just for the feeling that ‘’you feel great in your skin’’ but also for better well being through you have improved your energy and vitality. Staying fit, also helps with the various activities in our life. It becomes much easier to fulfill everyday duties and it also helps you by improving your quality of life (in generally speaking). Here is also crucial to mention that by regularly taking various exercises, we are also very efficiently working on the elimination the level of the stress. That’s maybe the best reason of all counted above; because it has been scientifically proven that the stress is number 1 causer of all diseases, which are attacking our organism every day.

Today the society’s attitude has, luckily, very changed towards health, fitness and wellness. People become aware of this important issue. Nowadays, we are accepting the wisdom, by which is very important to be (and to stay) positive about our health and have recognized the importance of physical fitness than ever before. Health, fitness and wellness are determined by what we eat (and how we eat our food, how many times we are chewing that food, the speed of our eating… everything counts), how we live our lives (what is the stress level in our everyday activities), our choice of leisure pursuits and what we do in order to keep ourselves physically fit and healthy, and also, which steps we are making in order to stress reduce to a minimum level.

Today, they’re so many delicious foods in the markets, all over the word. In 21th century is modern to keep and to remain fit… we have, in our latest brochure, just the perfect summer soups (lose your weight in a natural and easy way), delicious shakes, which are very seductive flavors, such as strawberry, vanilla and chocolate, which are presenting a proof that,between healthy and tasty meals can stand a plus :-).

Also, we are offering to you, the perfect complement for your favorite shakes and the last but not the least important the healthy, delicious natural balance bars. You have to admit, that it’s never been easier to lose weight in a natural and healthy way. My strong recommendation for these products, they are really working wonders!

The Top 5 Supplements the Body Needs


To take or not to take supplements is still a moot. There are many contrasting reports about the consumption of supplements which have left consumers confounded not to mention people who are health conscious. According to a finding established by the Annals of Internal Medicine, vitamin supplements work little or nothing to human health. Yet, despite many researchers arguing to abandon the use of dietary synthetic preparations, nutrition experts strongly contend that foods do not contain enough vitamins and minerals, thus supplementation is all-important. Below are the top 5 supplements that are worth taking.


# 1 Fish Oil. Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids that human body does not naturally produce and so, they are taken from the diet. The benefits of fish oil supplementation have been backed up by many scientific studies and trials. Daily intake of fish oil lowers blood pressure, improves triglyceride levels, reduces pain in arthritis, burns fats, improves bone health, boosts brain power, and the ever most popular benefit – reduces risk of heart disease.


Natural food sources of omega-3 fatty acids are cod liver, coldwater fish (e.g salmon and sardines), nuts, canola oils, tofu and soy beans.


# 2. Zinc.” Instead of going for Vitamin C, opt for Zinc”, say health experts. Tissue repair, fights infection and antioxidant are the three main benefits of zinc supplementation. Due to its added skin benefit, zinc is found popularly in products used to treat rash, acne and herpes. Other life-sustaining functions of zinc are strong immunity, tissue remodeling, and improving intestinal health. Daily intake of zinc supplements is also claimed to reduce cold risk up by 50%. Pregnant mothers are strongly advised to take zinc for proper cell division of the baby. Zinc is naturally found in rad meats, seafoods, fortified cereals, nuts, beans and whole grains.


Note: Zinc synthetic preparations can irritate the stomach linings, so take the supplement with food.


# 3. Iron. It is true that women need more iron than men. But this does not mean that men do not need it. Iron is one of the most essential elements that human body needs. Iron is a component of hemoglobin, a substance found in red blood cell that carries oxygen from the lungs to transport it to every cell in the body. An important reminder, know the right amount of iron supplements appropriate for ones age since taking iron in exces can otherwise damage tissue, speed up aging and cause cancer.

# 4. B-complex. B complex is a group of water-soluble vitamins that consists of 8 distinct vitamins. B vitamins are largely found in meats. B complex supplementation is of the utmost importance for vegans since B-complex particularly vitamin B 12 is not found in plant products. B complex is essential to numerous bodily functions. It benefits the different body systems most especially the circulatory, the muscular and the nervous. B-complex also plays a role in the production of hormones and migraine prevention. In addition to that, it has antioxidant property which helps protect the individual from all sorts of cancer.

# 5. Folic acid. Heath experts strictly advise expectant mothers to take folic acids after the rise of congenital disorder cases in the recent years. It should be mentioned that folic acid supplementation is not only part of the pregnancy diet, but even non-pregnant mothers can benefit from its use. Folic acid reduces the risk of age-related disorders and heart disease. This food-for-the-brain supplement also plays a role in anemia and breast cancer prevention.

Note: The terms folate and folic acid pertain to same thing. The only distinction is that folate is the naturally occurring form of folic acid.

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